All things about Vin Hair Vendor must know

Vin Hair Vendor – A Perfect Choice For Your Hair Business

With so many options available, choosing the right hair supplier for your business can be a challenge. Vin Hair Vendor is an excellent manufacturer that can help your company find new opportunities. 


1. The story of Vin Hair Vendor’s creation


A woman’s appeal extends beyond her face and body, so having great hair is essential. Nevertheless, not everyone is naturally born with lovely hair. Vin Hair Vendor started to provide women with the most beautiful and greatest hair products to make them feel attractive and confident.

All things about Vin Hair Vendor must know
All things about Vin Hair Vendor must know

Vin Hair Vendor began forming in 2010. Vin Hair has developed from its humble beginnings as a tiny hair business to be one of Vietnam’s largest and leading hair suppliers. Vin Hair Vendor confidently fulfills massive orders, thereby satisfying even the most picky customers.

The large number of the world’s countries, especially the African hair industry, and even the most discerning markets such as Europe, regard Vin hair vendor as the best hair vendor and a vital business partner.

To guarantee that every item is of the best quality before delivery, a rigorous system of quality monitoring and protection has been implemented. With 1,000 m2 of facilities and a staff of seasoned professionals, they can make and distribute hair at the lowest feasible cost.



  • Facts about hair products from Vin Hair Vendor


Vin Hair Vendor offers superior service and quality at all times. In this section, let’s learn more about hair products from Vin Hair Vendor. 

2.1. Products of Vin Hair Vendor with outstanding features

Vin Hair Vendor consistently gives consumers beautiful, high-quality hair so that they may always feel confident and lustrous.

  • Beginning with the origins of its inputs, the Vin hair dealer is thorough in each of its actions. The primary source of hair is women in between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five who live in the highlands or highlands. They frequently maintain healthy lifestyles, adhere to scientific nutritional guidelines, and utilize natural herbs for hair care.
  • Their product variety is large and diverse. Hair extensions of Vin Hair Vendor include weft,tape-in, tip-in, clip-in and raw hair. They provide an assortment of color and length ranging from 8 – 36 inches. Additionally, they make things on demand according to client demands.
  • Their most popular item is straight hair extensions. Nigerians are especially fond of it. The company annually exports tons of straight hair to this market. Many clients also want and select blonde hair.
Blonde straight hair from Vin Hair Vendor
Blonde straight hair from Vin Hair Vendor
  • They not only offer you gorgeous hair, but also instruct you on how to maintain it so that it lasts as long as possible. Hair extensions of Vin Hair Vendor can last more than five years if properly maintained.
  • Vin Hair Vendor has a hair manufacturer in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, staffed by trained individuals who create hair of consistently high quality.

Customers are entirely satisfied with Vin Hair Vendor’s products, which are always of great quality and affordably priced.

2.2. Products of Vin Hair Vendor with reasonable prices

They may not offer the cheapest price, but they will provide the most affordable and cost-effective rates for outstanding quality hair. They are a great partner if you are looking for the best Vietnamese hair supplier to cooperate with or you simply want to experience the best quality hair extension products on the market today. Some items are priced lower than those sold by competitors. An 8 inch bundle of natural hair costs about $8.

Length, color, quality, and style all affect the price of hair. Colored hair adds an extra $5 to $10, depending on the color selected. The Vin Hair Vendor offers numerous discounts over the holidays and has lower costs for large purchases.


  •  Vin Hair Vendor with excellent service and customer-friendly policies


In this part, we will examine the refund, shipment, and client service policies of the Vin Hair Vendor.

3.1. Buying hair products with great customer experience from Vin Hair Vendor

Customer experience is another important aspect for many buyers. Vin Hair Vendor can assist customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer hair extensions or delivery questions or issues. Additionally, two email accounts and WhatsApp connections are provided for customer care. The customer service crew of the Vin hair seller is eager and consistently prioritizes consumer needs. Therefore, if you have any interest, contact customer service to inquire about the status of your transaction.


Customers with excellent experience from Vin Hair Vendor
Customers with excellent experience from Vin Hair Vendor

Regardless of the case, whether it’s an exchange or a refund, customers are still taken care of and experience the best services like the first time they bought.

3.2.  Buying hair products with fast shipping from Vin Hair Vendor

The delivery companies DHL, UPS, AGENT, and FedEx  are Vin HaiV Vendor’s partners. They continually strive to fulfill client requests as promptly as feasible.

Two to three days are required to complete in-stock items, seven to ten days are required for special orders, and 5 to 10 days are required for delivery (based on location). You will receive tracking information once your order has been sent.

If you input an incorrect mailing address, call the Vin Hair Vendor as soon as possible so they can assist you.

3.3.  Buying hair products with clear exchange and refund policies from Vin Hair Vendor

The Vin Hair Vendor provides transparent exchange and refund policies. Depending on the specifics of your case, you will receive a refund, a replacement, or compensation. Please verify the contents of your item for correctness when you receive it. You have 7 days from when the product was delivered to ask for a refund or exchange. 

If the issue was caused by a supplier fault, such as the wrong type being shipped or a mistake during production, Vin Hair Vendor would refund the price of the return shipment.

Customers are accountable for shipping costs when their activities result in problems.

The demand for Vietnamese hair is rising rapidly in the international industry. The marketing of Vietnamese hair has been very profitable for many wholesalers and merchants of hair. You may visit our website for more extensive information about wholesale hair, which includes all information for your hair businesses. With a 10-year expertise as a wholesale hair supplier, we promise that you can rely on me for everything you need. Click here to find out what your response is:

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